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Registration Information for the 2016-17 School Year

All San Marcos Academy students, whether new or returning, must complete the registration process before starting classes at SMA. We offer scheduled dates for registration prior to the fall and spring semester. Students who are accepted during late or rolling enrollment periods must contact the Admissions Office (512-753-8000) to schedule a date for registration.

Q: What should I expect at registration?

A: The registration process will take about one to two hours for most students. Additional time may be required for purchasing uniforms and moving into the dormitory. Students will begin the registration process in the high school office. Following that, students will stop by the business office, infirmary, IT department, bookstore and uniform supply room. Boarding students will also check in with their dormitory hall director and move into their dorm room.

Q: Will my student's uniforms be purchased during registration?

A: SMA sells some uniform items on campus, while others must be purchased through our online uniform provider, Academy Uniforms Online. A few basic items can be purchased through a retail store such as Target or Wal-Mart. Please visit our Uniforms Page to view a list of uniform requirements and for information on how to order items through the Academy Uniforms website. Items sold through our own SMA Bookstore or in our Uniform Supply room may be purchased during registration or by appointment with the bookstore manager. Call or email Cathy Mitchell (512-753-8026) for any uniform questions.

Q: What should my boarding student purchase and pack for the dormitory?

A: : Please view our dormitory room check list to see which items we recommend for your boarding student:

Q: What should I bring to registration?

A: Please be prepared to take care of any financial obligation on the day of registration. Invoices and other financial information as well as instructions for using Smart Tuition will be sent out after a student has been accepted. Also, please bring a current record of immunizations, a current physical examination and any medications that need to be left in the infirmary.

High School students who plan to use their own personal laptops for school should bring their laptop (fully charged) to registration so that our IT staff can load the software and e-books.

Students and parents who will be driving their vehicles on campus regularly will need a permit for their automobile(s). Please have your license plate numbers handy for this purpose; permits are available in the bookstore.

Q: What forms will be required at registration?

A: The table below provides links to the health forms and other important forms that we require at registration, along with explanatory information for each. We will have these forms for you at registration; however, you may need to review some of the forms ahead of time. If you would like to fill these out and bring them with you to registration, you are welcome to do so. If you are not able to accompany your student to registration, we recommend that you print and sign the forms ahead of time and send them with your student to facilitate the registration process

IMPORTANT: please note that each student should have a current physical exam dated within three months of his/her arrival on campus as well as updated immunizations

To Be Completed By:
Special Instructions
All Students
International Students: Please complete the physical exam with your local physician.
Physical must be dated within three months of the student's arrival on campus.
All Students
This form must be completed, signed and dated each year.
All Students
Requires physician information and signature if student has a current prescription. Also requests parent permission to transport medications.
All Students
This form must be completed, signed and dated each year.
All Students
International Students:
This form is completed by your local physician in order that we do not duplicate immunizations.
Returning students: if you received no new immunizations in the past year, indicate “no changes”
Students under care of a mental health professional
All Boarding Students
This letter provides information for setting up a Walgreens account for your student for ordering medical prescriptions.
**Copy of front and back of medical insurance card.

**please send us a photocopy of the front and back of the medical insurance card that covers your student
All Students
International Students: the Academy will make arrangements for medical insurance as required by the Federal Government and will have copies of your insurance information.
A copy of the insurance card could be critical if medical treatment is needed
All Students
This form must be completed, signed and dated each year and submitted to the business office.
All Students (whether or not they have a driver's license)
Non-drivers must complete Section I, while student drivers will complete all sections of the form
All High School Students
Will be kept on file at the school in the event that a student chooses to participate in a TAPPS sport
All High School Students
Will be kept on file at the school in the event that a student chooses to participate in a TAPPS academic or fine arts contest
Boarding Students Only
This form provides our dormitory staff with the directives of the parent/guardian for checking out of the dormitory
NOTE: To expedite the process, the forms listed above may be completed ahead of time and brought to registration.

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