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San Marcos Academy Challenge Course

Team building, conquering fear, developing leadership, enhancing communications skills, stretching your limits: these are just a few of the benefits a ropes/challenge course can offer.

San Marcos Academy challenge Course San Marcos Academy is indeed proud to have its own ropes/challenge course, the LTC James D. Rogers Challenge Course, constructed in 2009. The course is named in honor of the late Academy Commandant and teacher, James D. Rogers, LTC USA Ret. To learn more about LTC Rogers, please visit our remembrance page.

The course is located on the campus and features 21 low and high elements. For a map of the course, click here.

Challenge Course Philosophy and Goals

The challenge course operates on the philosophy of “challenge by choice” in which the participants challenge themselves to take on the various events. Participants are not forced to try out any event, but are encouraged to do so. The result is that students can have fun while at the same time accomplishing several goals.

San Marcos Academy challenge Course The first goal of the challenge course is to increase confidence and self-esteem. When students tackle a task they previously thought impossible and succeed—even if only partially—the result is that they feel better about themselves. The second goal is the development of teamwork. By taking on events where the team must work together to succeed, students are introduced to the reality that working together is the key to success. Finally, the course helps to teach problem solving skills. Students will learn the key steps in solving any problem: identify the problem, identify the goal, evaluate your resources, work together to develop a solution, work through the solution and finally evaluate your performance and adjust your solution.

San Marcos Academy challenge Course All of the aspects of the challenge course philosophy and goals are designed to assist our students in their development as young adults and can serve them well in the coming years.

Facilitators and Safety

All course sessions are led by trained facilitators who have the participants’ safety as their ultimate goal. Two facilitators are required on the course at all times. The course itself is thoroughly inspected and approved annually. Facilitators additionally perform a close monthly inspection of all equipment and elements. A site inspection is also required before every use of the course.

Challenge Course Layout and Events

The LTC James D. Rogers Challenge Course includes 21 high and low elements with heights as high as 50 feet. Activities include warm-ups, discussion & debriefing, group initiatives (physical and cognitive), and high and low challenges.

The San Marcos Academy Challenge Course contains the following elements:

High Elements:
1. Rock Wall
2. Zip Line
3. X-Factor
4. Bridges
5. Cat Walk
6. Screamer
7. Grape Vine

Low Elements:
1. Spider Web
2. Triangle Traverse
3. Nitro Crossing
4. Mountain Tops
5. Trust Fall
6. Team Wall
7. Pamper Pole
8. TP Shuffle
9. Trolleys

San Marcos Academy is grateful for the support of our Challenge Course Sponsors:
Texas Pioneer Foundation
Wetonnah and Brian McCoy
Alan Cummings

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