SAT Test Prep: SMA Will Offer New August Test Date

College Board Sets New August Test Date for SAT

SAT Test PrepRising juniors and seniors, and even underclassmen, will want to know about some important changes to the SAT testing schedule for 2017-18 and how San Marcos Academy is working to provide SAT test prep options that can improve your chances of getting accepted into the college of your choice.

For the first time in several decades, an August SAT testing date will be offered by the College Board. This August 26 test date will take the place of a January test date that had been available in previous years. San Marcos Academy will be a testing site for the August 26 SAT, and the registration deadline for this test date is July 28, 2017 (late registrations will be taken Aug. 8-15).

Why Take the SAT in August?

SAT Test Prep 2For rising seniors, taking the SAT in August can offer several advantages. First, it provides one additional opportunity to take the test (and possibly improve one’s score) prior to the November and December admissions deadlines at schools such as the University of Texas and Texas A&M.

Second, an August test date means that motivated students can use the summer break to prepare for the test by taking a course or reviewing material on their own. Since test results are usually available within about three weeks, students could still choose to register for the October test if they want to improve their score before the November/December college deadlines. On the other hand, if the August test score is a good one, seniors can relax and enjoy their fall activities without the pressure of preparing for a test in October.

How San Marcos Academy Can Help with SAT Test Prep

SAT Test Prep 3Not only is San Marcos Academy a testing center for the August 26 exam, but we are also offering a unique opportunity to help students prepare for this test. Catalyst Prep, an online ACT and SAT test prep education company, will hold an SAT Bootcamp Aug. 19-20 on our campus. The Bootcamp will provide 8 hours of training (from 1-5 p.m. each afternoon) designed to build confidence and arm students with go-to strategies for every question they’ll face on the day of the test so they can march into the SAT with confidence, momentum and every key strategy fresh in their minds.

The Bootcamp costs $175. Enrollment for this camp is now open through the Catalyst Bootcamp website. The deadline to enroll is Wednesday, Aug. 16. If you have any questions, call Catalyst at 800.235.0056 or email them at

ACT and SAT Test Prep at San Marcos Academy

SAT Test Prep 4One of the best online SAT test prep options available to students is one that comes free of charge through a partnership with Khan Academy and the College Board. The program provides plans that can be tailored for each student with instant feedback and thousands of practice questions, video lessons and tips. Eight official full-length practice tests are also available.

Students can enroll in the Khan Academy program any time and SMA students have the opportunity to arrange their daily schedule to include a class period or study hall to focus on SAT test prep. Research has shown that studying with the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy for 20 hours can result in an average score gain of 100 or more points. Nearly 40 percent of all test takers have reported using this system.

2017-18 Test Dates for SAT and ACT

SMA has scheduled four SAT test dates on our campus for 2017-18. These dates are August 26, November 4, December 2 and May 5. Other national testing dates are October 7 (which happens to fall on our SMA Homecoming), March 10, and June 2, but SMA students would have to arrange their own transportation to a test center on these dates. To register for an SAT test, students must first create a College Board account. Then they can register online, selecting San Marcos Academy (if appropriate) as the site.

The Academy will also offer the ACT test on campus September 9 and February 10. Other national ACT testing dates are October 28, December 9, April 14 and June 9. Students can register for the ACT test online at

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