San Marcos Academy Staff Changes, Part 1

Summer brings a welcome time of vacation for our students and for most of our faculty, but for the Academy Board of Trustees, administrators and staff, the summer months are a busy time of preparation, transition and reorganization.

San Marcos Academy Staff Changes: Board Names Scott President

Just this week, Dr. Clay Sullivan, the Chairman of our Board of Trustees announced to the SMA staff that a decision had been reached regarding the selection of a president. With Dr. Sullivan’s permission, we are pleased to share this important announcement:

 Dear Much Appreciated Staff of San Marcos Academy,

As the new school year rapidly approaches, I want you to know how highly you are regarded by the Board of Trustees and how thankful we all are for the infinite tasks you complete in the roles you fill for SMA. No matter what position you function in, you do well. The care you give is life-changing and is an exceptional example to the students — the people who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

san marcos academy staff changes

President Jimmie Scott

I write this in thankfulness to you and for you, and also in excitement and enthusiasm for all of us. There has been a very recent Board of Trustees decision that I am thankful to share with you. There is a man whom we all know who has an enormous heart for San Marcos Academy, for the students, and for all of the Academy family – those men and women who tirelessly give day after day so that our school can teach and reach our students as God wants them to be taught and reached. His name has been “Interim President Jimmie Scott.” Mr. Scott now has a new name. The Board has renamed him President Jimmie Scott. The “interim” is gone!

He and his wife, Janet, are very excited. Their leadership, as they pray and follow our Father’s guidance, will be inspirational to all around them. I believe that Jimmie’s leadership is perfect for this phase of the life of San Marcos Academy. President Scott only thought that he was retired. There will come a time in the future when Mr. Scott will step aside and God will bring forth the perfect leader for that period. We do not know the time, but we will certainly be alert for His plan as we move ahead.

Please embrace and thank President Scott as he devotedly gives his all for San Marcos Academy.

Prior to being named President, Mr. Scott had served as Interim President since February, following the retirement of Dr. John Garrison. Read more about Mr. Scott and his service to the Academy in our Feb. 16 blog.

San Marcos Academy Staff Changes: Administration

san marcos academy staff changes 2

Mr. Jeff Baergen

President Scott has announced several other organizational changes that will be in place as summer ends and the new school year begins. On July 8, Jeff Baergen was named Executive Vice President of San Marcos Academy. Mr. Baergen has been at SMA for 18 years, and most recently served as VP for Academy Affairs. He also has previously served as Admissions Director, Student Activities Director, Assistant Principal and Dormitory Director.

san marcos academy staff changes 3

Mr. Corey Boyer

Corey Boyer, formerly dean of boys, has been named Dean of Residential Life. He will supervise the directors of both the boys and girls residence halls. Mr. Boyer has been with SMA for 11 years.

san marcos academy staff changes 3

Ms. Judy Behrens

A director for the boys dormitories will be announced soon, but the position of director for the girls dormitory has already been filled by Judy Behrens, who had previously been an assistant hall director and the administrative assistant in the school office as well as a part-time faculty member. Ms. Behrens has been with the Academy five years and will continue to teach some classes in addition to her dormitory duties.

San Marcos Academy Staff Changes: From Principal to Dean

san marcos academy staff changes 4

Mrs. Cindy Brooks

In the school office, new titles have replaced “Principal” and “Assistant “Principal.” To align the Academy more with other private schools, Bob Bryant’s title will be Academic Dean, while Cindy Brooks has been appointed as Upper School Associate Academic Dean and Brian Guenther will serve as Middle School Associate Academic Dean. The same duties and responsibilities are attached to the re-titled positions. Yet another title change on the faculty occurred when Belle Shirley-Howell accepted the Science Department Chair position.

Peter Garza, who had been the assistant principal for the Upper School, has moved into the Office of Admissions as Assistant Admissions Director. Mr. Garza will also continue to coach the baseball team.

san marcos academy staff changes 5

Coach Les Davis

In the Athletic Department, Les Davis leaves the middle school to be a full time Athletic Director for SMA, and Toby Wade will assume responsibilities as Assistant Athletic Director. Hannah Flowers will serve as head volleyball coach and will also replace Lauren Wise, who moved with her family over the summer, as Middle school science teacher.

A new face in the SMA Business Office is Rhonda McNeil, who has stepped into the role of Director of Business Affairs. Mrs. McNeil brings to SMA extensive financial experience from positions with several companies, including VMWare, Vignette and Level 3 Communications in Austin and CenturyLink here in San Marcos.

San Marcos Academy Staff Changes: Technology

san marcos academy staff changes 6

Mrs. Amy Nighbert

As the Academy continues to develop distance learning courses and build strategic partnerships with schools throughout the country, Amy Nighbert’s role as librarian has been expanded. Her new title is Director of Distance Education and Learning Resources. Three members of our technology group will have new titles and offices. Matt McNeil will function as the Director of Information and Technology. David Hethcock will take over Matt’s previous duties as Technology Support Specialist. Matt and David will share Room 201. Bear Bryant will remain in his office in the high school building as he assumes the role of Webmaster and Audio Visual Director. Yes, technology has expanded as has the need for their talents.

San Marcos Academy Staff Changes: Saying Goodbye

san marcos academy staff changes 7

Mr. Monty Lewis

In addition to the new hires and new titles, the Academy has said goodbye to some friends and fellow employees. Cheerleading Coach Hailey Flanagan has resigned to join the faculty of Elgin ISD, while ESL instructor has joined the San Marcos CISD. Monty Lewis, Vice President for Business Affairs, will be retiring as the summer winds down, and part-time faculty member David McClintock will be leaving as well. The residence life program has also bid a sad farewell to Chris Hansen, Amalia Garza and Anna Patton.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog later this month as we report on other new hires and find out what kinds of campus improvements students can expect when they report back for school Aug. 17.

–By Cindy Brooks, Director of Human Resources and Upper School Associate Academic Dean

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