Dr. Garrison’s Farewell to the Student Body

Editor’s Note: Dr. John Garrison will end his last week as President of San Marcos Academy and begin his retirement on January 30, 2015. At the SMA chapel service Jan. 28, Dr. Garrison addressed the student body, with his wife, Carol, at his side. Following are Dr. Garrison’s farewell remarks. By Dr. John Garrison, president of San Marcos Academy 1968 … Read full article

Dr. J.M. Carroll Set SMA on Path to Success

By Shelley Henry, Director of Admissions and Communications at San Marcos Academy In our Alumni Plaza stands a large granite monument. I’ve had students ask if it’s a tombstone, and it does indeed look like one! In actuality, though, this monument is the Academy Founder’s Stone, given by the Class of 1931 as a gift to the school. It stood … Read full article

Advantages of Boarding Schools for San Marcos Academy Students

By Bob Bryant, Principal, San Marcos Academy Every school claims that it is the best at certain things. Some take pride in their massive taxpayer purchased facilities. Others note the large programs in the arts, and athletics. Still others beat their chests about their school being “Recognized” by the state as a high performer, even though Texas schools rank forty-second … Read full article