Academy Alumni: The Joy of Reconnecting and Reminiscing

Academy Alumni: Visiting in Dallas and Houston

academy alumni 2A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Dallas and then Houston. SMA had scheduled two admissions presentations in those areas and, having spent a good number of years as the admissions director, I offered to take them. In addition to the presentations, I decided to reconnect with as many Academy alumni as I could while I was alumni

Academy Alumni: “Full Grown Pleasures”

Although I had seen some of these alumni a few times over the years, I had not seen others since they walked across the stage in the Robinson Christian Center to get their diploma more than 20 years ago. With so much time having passed and these “kids” now being grown adults, many of them with spouses and children of their own, I was unsure how the conversations would go. I shouldn’t have even given it a second thought. In each situation, it was as if time had not passed. We picked up almost where we left off, laughing and reminiscing about the old SMA days. Proving a quote by the great C. S. Lewis, “A pleasure is not full grown until it is remembered,” each conversation was a full grown pleasure. Of course, meeting wives or husbands, kids, dogs, or just listening to the many job and life adventures they have shared reminded me of how many days had actually passed. Another reminder was when one of their kids asked me why I have so little hair . . . and I blamed it on their mom!academy alumni 4

Academy Alumni: Catching Up, Recalling Stories

The week was a therapeutic week one for me in many ways. I was able to “catch up” on the lives of these former students and find out about them, their families, their careers, etc. I was also able to hear stories about what the Academy family had meant to them over the years and how their Academy experience helped shape who they are today. They recalled stories of how teachers, dorm staff, coaches, and others had gone out of their way to help them and care for alumni 5

Academy Alumni: Please Come for a Visit!

I answered many questions about what the Academy is like today: what things had changed, what teachers were still here, if chicken-fried steak was still served on Wednesdays. It was a joy for me to see the connection they still had with San Marcos Academy. Thank you to the alumni who took time away from their lives to spend a little time with me. We need to not let 20 years pass between visits. For the rest of you old SMA Bears, come see us! Homecoming is Saturday, October 7, 2017. I hope you come home for a visit!academy alumni 3

–By Jeff Baergen, Academy Executive Vice President

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