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TSI Testing

What is the TSI Test?
The TSI is a computer-based test designed by the College Board to provide information to colleges and universities about a student's readiness for college. It has three sections: reading, mathematics, writing and sentence skills.

Who takes the TSI?
It is required for students at San Marcos Academy who wish to enroll in Dual Credit and/or AP classes.

Where does a student take the TSI?
The TSI is given at San Marcos Academy.

How does a student register for the TSI?
Students should contact the Guidance Counselor to make arrangements for taking the TSI.

How much does the TSI cost?
The cost varies depending on the number of sections a student needs to take and ranges from $5.00 to $20.00.

What about score reports?
Score reports along with other criteria are used to determine whether or not a student can enroll in College-level classes. Score reports are available immediately upon completion of the test.

Students or parents desiring additional information regarding the TSI should contact the Guidance Counselor.

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